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OOC: Concrit Post

If you've got something you want to say about James or how I play him, then tell me here. This includes viruses and AUs.


P.S. Permissions Post
James was nervous while he waited for Lily down in the Entrance Hall. He had made sure he was wrapped up warm because of the snow and his pocket jingled with gold and silver ready to buy them each a butterbeer once they got into the Three Broomsticks. He'd even told Sirius, Remus and Peter to go on ahead and not bother him with him while he was with Lily if they could help it. He didn't want this to go wrong. He was finally friends with her and he didn't want to blow it. He was just glad that she let the things from the community slide.

James checked and double checked everything while he waited until he turned around and saw her coming down the steps.
James was very glad when the virus was over. He'd had fun with his 'brothers' at the start of it but it had gone downhill fast. First Snape's body and then seeing his own death, it really hadn't been the best week of his life. And it certainly didn't help his relationship with Lily. So on their rounds the following week, James decided to do something about it.

They'd just finished and were heading back to the portrait of the Fat Lady when he stopped in front of her with a worried sort of smile, not his usual expression by far, and held out a tiger lily.

"I got this for you. To apologise for everything I did and said last week. I know I was out of line even with the community's influence and I want to make it up to you." He paused then added something. "If...if you'll let me."

He stood there awkwardly holding out the flower and waited for her to respond. It was do or die time and he really hoped she would accept his apology. He had really enjoyed being her friend and he didn't want it to stop now because his own stupidity. Though he knew he couldn't and wouldn't blame her, if she wanted to end it.
Today was the single greatest moment of the year to date. I finally put all my brothers in detention!

Sometimes, I love being Head Boy!

(OOC: Brothers are: Sirius, 6th year, Gryffindor. Roxas, 5th year, Hufflepuff. Ferb, 1st year, Ravenclaw.)
James was waiting in the common room. It was empty except for a few first years who he made leave with his awesome Head Boy powers when he realised Ferb was due. Today was Harry's first Quidditch match and his little brother was going to be worldhopping both him and Lily to watch it. He couldn't wait.

He checked his pockets for the cloak again, they might need it if someone suddenly recognises them and they need to vanish suddenly. He also had his wand out and some spare first year robes. Ferb didn't need to stand out and blow their cover.

((OOC: Order = James, Lily, Ferb.))
It's been two weeks since my parents died. I guess I want this written down so I remember it. How I felt, what I remember, what needs to be said.

The funeral was nice. Or as nice as a funeral can be. There were lots of people there and I knew most of them. I'm sure all of them came up to me at some point and try to console me but I don't really remember the wake much. It passed in a blur and then I was alone again.

I haven't entered their room. I stayed in my mine for the few days I was home and then I was back at school. People are still talking about it. It's not often people get black letters despite the war.

Sirius has been there throughout. Dumbledore let him come which I am thankful for. I don't think I could have done this alone. And since I've returned, everyone else has been overly nice. It's to be expected though, right?

Lily has been especially helpful. Despite the fact I should be on top of my work and duties, she's been there instead. It's no wonder I fell in love with her. I'll make sure to thank her properly when I get back to my duties.

Peter and Remus have also been there for me. And Ferb. They're all my family now. And I'm thankful for them all.
James was pacing by the front door. Ferb had told him he was coming today and together they'd worked out the lie they were going to tell his parents. But it still worried him. He'd never really lied to his parents before. Usually just withheld the truth. But this was very different so he forced himself to remember the pseudo-truth and wait for the doorbell to ring.
I've been talking to Snape. It wasn't easy but I've got some new information about the future which you guys should know.

Remus, do you want to come over so we can talk in person?
[After James found Azula's worldhopping feather, he hopped back to Hogwarts. It was the middle of the day now so he wondered where Azula would be. What about his friends?]

((OOC: James hopped back to his dorm room. Anyone at Hogwarts 1976 feel free to jump in. <3))